Responsible Investment

We strive to be the most socially responsible asset management company in the housing sector. Our ethos lives in our brand, corporate culture and the fund vehicles we manage.

Responsible Investment

Our Aim

Our aim is to manage the environmental and social impacts within our portfolios just as well as we manage financial returns. The acquisition of, and continued investment in, residential property assets is a fundamental part of what we do, which is why we term the integration of ESG issues as “Responsible Investment” (RI).

We believe that by investing our clients’ capital responsibly we can help to protect and enhance asset value and improve long term investment performance. We also believe that our strong focus on investment and careful management of each fund’s portfolio leads to the generation of value for our fund’s residents, places and neighbourhoods, which ultimately helps us to foster sustainable communities.

Responsible Investment (RI)

In developing our RI policy, we have given consideration to a range of codes and standards, including but not limited to the United Nations supported 6 Principles for Responsible Investment. Our RI policy and strategy aims to meet the needs of our investors and to protect and enhance asset value. We also engage our own people on RI, to attract and retain motivated people who work as ambassadors for our brand and engage with those who supply us with services e.g. managing agents.

As we act as stewards for the people, communities and the environment in which we operate, we understand that our fiduciary duty extends to balancing the management of environmental and social issues whilst delivering returns for our investors. We feel our approach positions us as a partner of choice in delivering resilient places for people.

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As part of our commitment to Responsible Investment we will review and communicate any updates to our policy and strategy and report on our progress against our objectives. This will help us to keep pace with best practice, adapt to market trends and innovate. We believe this will enable us to call ourselves a sustainable business, operating long into the future.

Our RI Strategy has been approved and endorsed by all PfP Capital Limited Board Members.


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